Collaboration between Jonathan Bepler and Ann-Sofi Siden.

Royal National Theater of Sweden. Stockholm.

Ongoing project culminated in a multi-channel video/sound piece in 2011.

The production included the staging of 600 choir singers serving as the theatre audience whose voices constitute a vital part of the musical score for both the film and the installation.

Curtain Callers is a new commission with distinguished Swedish artist Ann Sofi Sidén and the renowned American composer Jonathan Bepler. The project is examining the contemporary institutional theatre from within. Both artists spent time in The Royal Theatre in Stockholm, recording images and sound at the very core of fiction building and its ongoing processes, tracing the fleeting moment of release in the rehearsed ritual between the audience and the stage.

The project is presented as a film Curtain Callers and a multi-channel video installation Curtain Callers (entracte). Both works are produced by MAP, Mobile Art Production, and have been recorded at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.

Curtain Callers   2011